24 September 2020
05 Aug 2020

Runner Info

  • Your timing chip is on the front of your race number.
  • Your race number must be worn on your chest.
  • Your temporary licence must be worn on your back.
  • Do not bend, crumple or fold your race number.

Club Runner

  • Display your ASA licence number on the back and front of your tee.
  • Place the event running number over the front licence number with the header displaying as per the image below.

(Visual for reference only)

Non-club runner

  • Display your race running number on the front of your tee.
  • Display your temporary licence on the back of your tee.

(Visual for reference only)

  • We encourage you to dress up or wear your event performance tee.
  • If you belong to a club, we can’t force you to wear the event performance tee, but be sure to check with your club first. 
  • Please remember to wear your permanent licence number on the front of your shirt with the event race number over it as indicated in the image below.

(Visual for reference only)

  • The event will start at 08h00.
  • Stay away from high fibre meals, curries and exotic food.
  • Lay your running kit or costume and race goodies out the night before so that you don’t forget anything.
  • Pin race number to the front of your race day tee with provided safety pins.
  • Get a good night’s sleep.
  • NO number collection on Race Day!
  • Did we mention that you have to get there early? The race will start at FNB Bank City at 08h00 on Thursday, 24 September 2020. 
  • Event Race Map details to follow. 
  1. All Athletes who want to qualify for prize money, need to apply and be accepted into the Contender category.
  2. Certain athletes may also be Invited and offered complimentary entry, lodging, travel stipend, and other benefits at the discretion of the Race Organisers.
  3. Prize money will only be awarded to contenders who were accepted to start in the Contender Batch (Batch A).
  4. It is the responsibility of the entrant to apply for this seeding through the entries process via the website.
  5. Athletes need to submit a proof of performance (not older than 2 years) better or equal to the relevant one in the table below.
32:00:00 OPEN 41:00:00
37:00:00 JUNIOR 42:00:00
39:00:00 40-49 47:00:00
44:00:00 50-59 54:00:00
53:00:00 60-69 64:00:00
01:10:00 70+ 01:30:00
  1. Applications for the Contender seeding will close 4 weeks prior to the event (27 August).
  2. Submission of this application does not guarantee acceptance. If an athlete’s qualifying performances cannot be readily verified using the information provided they will not be considered for a Contender or Invitational entry.
  3. NO LATE Applications are accepted
  4. All Contenders must attend the Technical meeting on 23 September.
  5. Contender athletes can collect their race numbers from the Technical Meeting.
  6. All Athlete Representatives (AR) must comply with IAAF Rule 7. Should the AR not comply with these rules, the Event Organisers reserve the right to report the AR to the IAAF and ASA.
  7. Please note: This is an international event and as such there are restrictions on advertising on clothing for Contenders. It is important that Contenders adhere to these rules as covered in IAAF Advertising regulations.
  8. As required in terms of IAAF rules, international athletes must be able to produce a letter of clearance from his/her federation permitting participation.
  9. Prize Money

Please note that all prize money winnings’ are subject to South African Tax Law and drug testing results and can take up to 3 months to process. Contenders, who fail to attend the Contender athlete technical meeting may be docked 10% of their prize money.

    1. South African Athletes

Prize money to South African Athletes will be paid 30 days after the event, provided the result is not subject to the outcome of any drug testing.

PROVIDED the following information has been emailed through to entries@joburg10k.com

      1. copy of SA ID book
      2. SARS tax number
      3. proof of bank details (from bank)
      4. completed prize money form (received at prize giving ceremony)

South African Athlete prize money will not be paid until ALL the required documentation has been submitted.

    1. International Athletes
      1. copy of passport
      2. proof of address (e.g. clothing account, municipal bill)
      3. proof of bank details
      4. completed prize money form (received at prize giving ceremony)

If an athlete is with an Agency, then the Agency must invoice the Event Organizers no later than one week after the event. The Event Organizers will only make International payments via the PayPal platform, therefore it is compulsory for all agencies to have a registered PayPal account. If an athlete is not managed by an Agency, he/she must also have a registered PayPal account in order to be paid. If an athlete is not able to register a PayPal account, their payment will be subject to a delay.

For any questions, please contact entries@joburg10k.com.

The FNB Joburg 10K CITYRUN is a point-to-point race so dress warmly and take a tog bag with you to the start so that you can keep warm and then have something to change into when you get to the finish.

  • The tog bag trucks will be at the start close to your start pens so you can drop off your bags.
  • You will find your tog bag tag at the bottom of your race number.
  • Simply tear it off and attach it to your tog bag before handing it in at the start.
  • Your race number will serve as the corresponding number when you retrieve your tog bag at the finish.
08H00  Race Starts  
  Batch A Approved Contender/Elite Runners Only
  Batch B Seeded
  Batch C Gold Package and Sponsors
  Batch D  Seeded
  Wheelchair athletes start  
 08H15 Batch E  Open – not seeded
 08H15 Batch F  Open – not seeded
  • Runners must line up in their correct start chute.
  • Participants are allowed to move down a batch but are NOT allowed to move up a batch. 
  • Wheelchair athletes will start at the back of batch D.

There will be a mat at the start so you will receive 2 times – a start gun to finish mat time and a mat-to-mat finish time so that you don’t have to worry about crossing the start line a few minutes after the gun has gone off.  The winners can only come from batch A, but your 12km time will make sure you are in the correct start pen.

Tee Graded Spec  
Ladies Tee  
Measuring Point Sizes: Small Medium Large Xlarge  
1/2 Bust 2cm below armhole 42.5 46 49.5 53  
1/2 Waist 18cm below armhole 38.5 42 45.5 49  
1/2 Hem straight across 46.5 50 53.5 57  
Mens Tee
Measuring Point Sizes: Small Medium Large Xlarge XXLarge
1/2 Bust 2cm below armhole 49 53 57 61 65
1/2 Waist 18cm below armhole 49.5 53.5 57.5 61.5 65.5
1/2 Hem straight across 70 72 74 76 79

(Visual for reference only)

Details to follow soon. 

The South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport’s core focus is to tackle doping in sport in order to ensure a culture of ethics and fair play within South Africa. We’re passionate about sport. And we’re passionate about our nation’s sporting heroes setting a good example for the younger generation. Not only would we like our athletes to compete drug-free, but we also want them to be proud to say no to doping. The Drug-Free Sport Act* gives the Institute authority and jurisdiction to carry out drug testing across all sports codes. By doing so we’re inspiring a drug-free sports culture all South Africans can be proud of.

Do you believe in playing fair? Are you a supporter of drug-free sport? Take the South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport’s “I Play Fair” pledge now to show your commitment to competing clean. All you need to do is go to http://www.drugfreesport.org.za/, click on the I Play Fair tag and fill in the details as requested. By doing so you will say no to doping.

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